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I'm a business journalist and a fiction author. My novel Mute is available now from Silver Leaf Books.

Monday, August 1, 2011

Gearing up my novel Mute for release

My novel Mute has been making rapid progress towards its publication this fall. Believe me all is not quiet in my house.

Silver Leaf Books has my author page up. Thanks to South Florida Business Journal photographer Mark Freerks for my author photo.


I acquired an amazing photo from talented Australian artist El Cesana that will be used for the cover. Silver Leaf is in the process of finalizing the cover design, but you can view the photo here on my Authonomy page. The story on how I found El and her ironic connection to the story will be told at a later time. Let’s just say that it was worth it to reach across the globe to find her.


Meanwhile, I’ve been expanding my reach. For those of you on Linkedin, I encourage you to join the Science Fiction Group and the Crime Fiction Group. I have started and participated in some great discussions on there. For Facebook users, try the Mystery Reader Group.

I’m eagerly anticipating the moment that Mute will be available for download throughout the world. Many people want a print copy as well and that could happen on day, but I’m glad that the focus is on the ebook. Publishers Weekly reported that ebook sales at the largest publishers increased 160% in the first quarter while print edition sales fell 24%. In fact, ebook sales were greater than paperback sales – and it wasn’t even close.

My main focus isn’t to become rich off of this. If that was my goal in life, I wouldn’t be a print journalist, now would I? I want to give people a thrilling read and Mute will deliver.

And after that, I’ll introduce the shell shocked readers to my next project: Famous After Death.

Pay me in smiles or pay me in screams.