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Monday, September 5, 2011

Latest Read: Think of a Number

I just finished reading John Verdon's murder mystery thriller Think of a Number, which I picked up from Books & Books in Coral Gables. This was his debut from 2010 and it left me impressed.

The story follows "retired" New York police officer Dave Gurney as he tracks a serial killer who intentionally leaves evidence meant to torment his victims, and the cops. I like how Verdon makes it seem like the killer is impossibly far ahead of Gurney every step of the way and that any evidence he discovers is what he's meant to see. It's a solid detective story that relies on evidence, logic and psychological profiles instead of car chases and flying bullets.

Verdon gave Gurney a great back story with equal parts accomplishment in his professional life and heartbreak/shortcoming in his personal life. Of the other characters, a few more are developed in depth but the other officers are there for amusement or to get in Gurney's way.

Based on this novel, I'm thinking about buying Verdon's follow-up Shut Your Eyes Tight. Although, next on my list is How Firm a Foundation, the fifth book in the Safehold series by scifi author David Weber.