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I'm a business journalist and a fiction author. My novel Mute is available now from Silver Leaf Books.

Monday, February 18, 2013

Time to get physical: Mute’s coming out in print

For over a year I’ve told anyone who would listen that ebooks are the future and so I’m fine with my novel Mute being available only on Kindle. Well, sometimes you’ve got to go back to your roots to go forward.
I’m pleased to announce that Silver Leaf Books is putting Mute into print. That’s right, you’ll actually be able to hold my novel in your hands and flip through the pages – if you enjoy that sort of thing better than a tablet or laptop. I still read books both ways and I’m glad that readers will have the opportunity to enjoy my story however they are most comfortable.
The targeted release date for the print edition is in May. It will be print on demand (POD), so when you order it online a copy will be printed and mailed to you. Book stores will be able to order it through Ingram. I’m hoping to place it in Florida book stores, and do as many signings as I can. Given that I didn’t want to mark all over people’s tablets, there’s really been nothing for me to sign so far. I’d love to hold a live reading. Given the solid turnout at my event at the University of Miami Alumni Center last week, I believe I can draw (as they say in pro wrestling).
Thanks to everyone who’s supported me in this journey, especially my family for enduring my obsession with writing. I look forward to introducing you to another of my darling stories later this year – Famous After Death. A draft of the first six chapters are on Authonomy now.