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Saturday, June 7, 2014

An action-packed short story will be my next release

I’ve been thrown a curveball in my writing career this year. I hoped to show everybody my second novel Famous After Death but, due to circumstances beyond my control, its release with Silver Leaf Books has been delayed a year.

The bright side of that, for readers especially, is that I’m about to share an action-packed piece of fiction that I wouldn’t have otherwise had an outlet for. Silver Leaf Books has decided to release a handful of short stories on Amazon, among them my roughhousing work – Medical Martial Arts.

The cover art (before title added):

The story was inspired by athletes who continue competing past their prime despite the harm to their bodies because they need that one last run at greatness. Normally, the body has its limits. I use a science fiction theme, yet one not too far from reality, to remove all boundaries. 

Putt up your mitts, here’s the summary:

Cliff "Bones' Bonner lost everything last time he stepped into the cage, his title, his health and his pride. His wife begs him to retire and relish in a successful career, but this mix martial arts fighter won't take off his gloves until he silences his critics. Bones get his chance in the Hardcore Combat League, a bloody spectacle in the Bahamas where stem cell implants and sculpting bones into deadly weapons are as legal as a pair of shorts. Victory in this sport pays well, but it comes with a price.

His first opponent is a four-armed man. One of the more climactic scenes makes use of South Florida’s most overlooked Cold War landmarks. 

As some of you know, I’m a former high school wrestler and a fan of both mixed martial arts and the WWE so I take great pleasure in writing a combat story like this. Individual sports can bring out the best or the worst in you. Losing is such an empty feeling because you can only blame yourself. Winning, knowing that you just physically defeated someone, is such an unbelievable high.

The key to making people care about a fight, whether real or fiction, is selling the characters involved. It’s the difference between seeing two strangers battle in a parking lot and watching your brother fight a bully.

Medical Martial Arts will be available in the coming months. Stay tuned and have your favorite e-reader ready. 

As for my novels, I’m eager to share the breakneck thriller Famous After Death with everybody soon but next year’s the more likely target for it. The sequel to Mute is pretty far along. I’m keeping the plot quiet (he he) to avoid spoilers.

I honestly wish I had more time to write fiction because that’s what I love. I know that sounds funny when I’m talking about all these projects, yet I have so many ideas that I can’t wait to get to next.

And so the fight continues…