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Thursday, June 16, 2011

Job options for Anthomy Weiner

Poor Huma! Not only is hubby Anthony Weiner a twitter cheater and a pervert, he is unemployed now too. Barbara Walters said she is worried about Weiner getting a job because politics is all he knows. So I will help him and Huma out by offering some bold choices for Weiner's next career move.

- Weiner could join up with Miami city manager Tony Crapp Jr, who is ready to resign. They could form Weiner Crapp Consulting.

- Perhaps Weiner should be an image consultant for other celebs who want to improve their image through Twitter. What tweeting advice would Weiner give to LeBron James?

- Run for mayor of Cockeysville, Maryland.

- Reality TV could be in his future. How about a house with Weiner, Jesse James, John Gosslin and Scott Peterson? Call it Real Horrible Husbands.

- Another great TV fit for Weiner would be Israeli star Guy Penis (I'm not making that name up.) It would be the Weiner Penis Show. What would they talk about there?

- Weiner should be a male stripper. He loves taking his clothes off. He has studied the fine art, as shown by his emails to stripper/porn star Ginger Lee. What's the difference between a political fundraiser and getting dollar bills stuffed in your briefs?

- If Weiner wants to stay in public service, he should work for the post office. As he said in his emails to Ginger, Weiner's always concerned about his package.